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Zero Carb Natural Keto Protein Powder: Unicorn Vanilla Milkshake

Natural, Zero Carb Protein  - Unicorn Vanilla Milkshake

The top selling zero carb protein for keto and low carb dieters, this protein blend is comprised of 80% Whey Protein Isolate and 20% Micellar Casein and sweetened with Stevia. The whey protein is a super high quality whey protein isolate that utilizes cold microfiltration and ultrafiltration membrane technology. The process results in an undenatured whey protein and the cleanest whey protein isolate available! 

The vanilla milkshake is a yummy light taste that everyone enjoys. No weird chemical aftertaste and a very clean natural product. (No pink or other artificial colors - the "Unicorn" is just fun marketing for the label.)

The features of this protein blend include:

One of the big differences in a natural product like this, is the sweetener used.  We only use Stevia to sweeten the natural products.  Still steering clear of sugar.  Because of this, these products will have a much lighter and more mild flavor that our customers all seem to love!

If you are keeping your carbs low following a low carb or ketogenic diet then the ZERO CARB All Natural Protein Blend is a true "keto friendly" protein powder and one of the best ones available!

Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Lisa W.

This is the best protein powder I’ve ever used. No bloating, no nasty after taste and delicious. Makes my coffee a treat after my workout.

Vanilla protein

This protein is really tasty! Mixes great with water. Definitely buying another!

Jason S.
Great flavor

Unicorn Squirts (which is what I call it), is fantastic. The flavor reminds me a little bit of the dried cereal marshmallows which I love. It mixes well with berries but it’s best just by itself with vanilla almond milk. Love it.

Chris L.
Satisfied customer

We found Ketogenics and have order a number of different protein powders from them and have been mostly satisfied. We do not get kicked out of ketosis using these products which we found that we did with other whey protein powders. My favorite is the chocolate and vanilla. Least favorite is the strawberry.

Matt R.
Carb free Chocolate and Vanilla protein powder

These are the best, have one shake everyday!