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Iso Plant: Dairy Free, Plant-Based Vegan Protein Powder Sample Packs

Want to try our amazing plant-based Vegan protein powders before you commit to buying a full tub? You can try all our flavors in convenient sample size packs. See which one(s) you LOVE the best and then come back and buy a full size tub ..or 2 or 3 ūü•į

The 10 pack Iso Plant Vegan Protein sampler kit includes 2 of each:

  1. Pecan Shortbread Cookie
  2. Peanut Butter Cookie
  3. Iced Espresso
  4. Chocolate Peanut Butter
  5. Unflavored/Unsweetened

This high quality protein features:

  • 21-23gms of delicious¬†complete protein¬†per¬†scoop
  • All Natural Plant Based Protein
  • Dairy¬†& Lactose Free
  • Non GMO | Gluten Free | No Aspartame
  • Soy Free
  • Natural Flavorings
  • Mixes Easily
  • Great texture and mouthfeel
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • 1 Net Carb (Zero Net carb for the Unflavored)¬†
  • Zero Added Sugar

Directions for shake: Mix 1 scoop with 10-12oz of cold almond milk, water or your favorite beverage or blend it into a smoothie, shake or your favorite cooking or baking recipes.

For Optimal Shake Taste:
Swap water for a low carb milk (almond, coconut, oat, cashew, etc).
Mix in a shaker cup or blender for 10-15 seconds.
Not thick enough? Use less liquid. Too thick? Use more liquid.

For a tasty pudding-type treat, add 1 scoop to your favorite low-carb yogurt; eat with spoon :)


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Monica R.
ISO Plant Protein Powder

It’s really hard to find a vegan protein powder that is palatable. This is the best tasting one I have found so far.

Absolutely love this protein ūü•į

I tried all the flavors of the sample packs and I have to say I was very impressed! Not only are they tasty BUT they do not have any of that Earthy or gritty texture and aftertaste that most vegan plant-based protein powders do.

Living a vegan lifestyle for over 10 years now and trying every brand of vegan protein powder available, I have to say that the KetoGenics Iso Plant is absolutely the best I've tried!

All the flavors are great but oh my word the pecan shortbread cookie and the peanut butter cookie were both to die for amazing! I can't wait to buy more and for sure will refer all my vegan friends to these products.

Excellent texture and taste!

I was able to sample a few flavors of this plant based protein powder and I was very pleased with the product! Unlike most plant based protein powders, Iso Plant was really smooth and had a great texture with no after taste. Was actually shocked that it's plant based protein!

Even though I don't follow a 100% plant based diet, I do have dairy sensitivities and this product worked great for me. I'm so happy Ketogenics introduced this product which not only taste great but gave me zero stomach or digestion issues like many other vegan protein powders and dairy based protein powders in general. 10+++ rating!

Delicious and wonderful texture!

I've been around the block, so to say with trying all sorts of plant-based protein powders on the market. Most of them tend to be grainy/gritty or too thick and require way too much liquid such that I can't fish the entire shake and it goes to waste.

I was extremely impressed how well the Ketogenics IsoPlant protein mixed up in just 8 to 10oz of almond milk in a shaker bottle. It mixed very well, nice and smooth texture with ZERO after taste and even better was ZERO bloating or gas that many of the plant based vegan protein powders on the. Some of the sweeteners many plant based protein powders use have a funky and/or bitter aftertaste and the Ketogenics IsoPlant protein was PERFECT without any sort of bitter tinge or aftertaste!

The Pecan Shortbread and the Iced Espresso flavors blew me away. I'm a coffee drinker so the Iced Espresso flavor was right up my alley. So yummy and easy on my stomach.

I definitely found my new brand of plant based protein and plan to buy KetoGenics brand exclusively for now on!!

Best plant based protein ever!!

I've used all sorts, types and brands of plant based proteins and this is without a doubt the best one ever! KetoGenics Iso Plant blows away Vega, Orgain etc ..those
other brands all end up using junky ingredients and have a weird texture and aftertaste.

The Iso Plant texture is so nice and smooth and the taste and SMELL omg amazing! Smells like a package of peanut butter, nutter butter cookies. Amazing. I'll be buying more asap! 10+