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Keto Lytes HP™ - Sample Packs

Keto Lytes HP -  Sampler variety pack

Keto Lytes HP™ is a fully comprehensive, one of a kind electrolyte formula that has taken the low carb and endurance athlete communities by storm! It is one of the most useful supplements on the market for those who follow a ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting as well high level or recreational athletes in need of electrolyte support and replenishment. 

Now you can try the amazing top selling Keto Lytes HP in convenient sample size packs. See which one you LOVE the best and then come back and buy a full size tub ..or 2 :)

Note: Powder clumping may occur (in sample packs only). Since we do not use any anti-caking agents or harsh chemical additives to avoid clumping, some clumping may occur. The large amount of ingredients used in Keto Lytes HP are particularly hygroscopic and may agglomerate due to being hydrophilic in nature, which can result in the powder clumping together. This does not change the quality or potency of Keto Lytes HP; will just require some extra shaking once powder is added to bottle. Powder will dissolve.

Each serving of Keto Lytes HP™ contains:

2,040 mg Sodium 
500 mg Potassium
150mg Di-Magnesium Malate
2,000 mg Taurine
1,000 mg Coconut Water Powder
20 mg Sodium Phosphorus
200 mg Di-Calcium Malate
300 iu Vitamin D3
200 mg Vitamin C
5 mg BioPerine

The 10 pack variety sampler includes:

1 - Grape Bubble Gum
1 - Unflavored/Unsweetened
1 - Blue Razz Lemonade
1 - Sweet & Tart Candy Pop
1 - Strawberry Margarita
1 - Lemon Lime
1 - Raspberry Banana
1 - Green Appletini
1 - Strawberry Burst
1 - Caribbean Cooler 

The STEVIA sweetened 10 pack variety sampler includes:

2 - Grape Bubble Gum
2 - Blue Razz Lemonade
2 - Lemon Lime
2 - Raspberry Banana
2 - Green Appletini

Visit the main Keto Lytes HP for more information on this amazing one of a kind electrolyte product by clicking HERE.

** Flavor/Sweetener options **

1) The Original, amazing, award winning & top selling flavoring system that everyone raves about. These are an 11 on a scale of 1-10 taste rating! Flavors: Grape Bubble gum, Blue Razz Lemonade, Sweet & Tart Candy Pop, Lemon Lime, Strawberry Margarita, Raspberry Banana

2) Natural STEVIA sweetened option. (Noted on the label) - Smooth, lite delicious taste with a tad bitter stevia kick at the end. Once you go over 28-32oz COLD water, the bitter kick is gone. (Or start with 1/2 scoop) ....Why bitter? Well that is what Stevia does. Just enough is sweet but the more you add the more bitter it gets and its not east using Stevia and dealing with the amazing fully loaded salty type ingredients of Keto Lytes HP. Stevia flavors are: Green Appletini, Blue Razz Lemonade, Grape Bubblegum, Lemon Lime and Raspberry Banana! 

3) Unflavored/Unsweetened - Raw, salty goodness! HUGE seller!

Customer Reviews

Based on 245 reviews
Jill F.
Pleasantly surprised!

I was pleasantly surprised with how much I loved my ketogenics drink mixes! So glad I tried them out! I’ve been drinking them every day since they arrived!

Christina R.
Caribbean Cooler Electrolytes

This electrolyte powder is the best product and value on the market. I’ve been using it for 3 years and it helps keep me on track with my ketogenic lifestyle. And this flavor is delicious!

Jeff E.
The Strongest and BEST Tasting Electrolytes I've Found!

Former Redmond's Re-Lyte user here...this formula is WAY more packed with electrolytes and nutrients (not to mention numerous delicious flavors)!

I'm hooked. As a carnivore diet guy who also does prolonged intermittent fasting as I get to my target weight range, I adore the flavors and potent electrolyte formulation which keeps my energy levels higher as I get ripped at the age of almost 47!

VERY highly recommended. My favorite flavors: 1) Raspberry Banana and 2) Green Appletini. I haven't yet tried Grape Bubblegum, however.

The most amazing electrolyte formula on the market!

Firstly, I have to say that I was impressed with the quality and effectiveness of this product. As someone who follows a keto diet, I am always on the lookout for supplements that can help me maintain a healthy electrolyte balance. And Keto Lytes HP has been a game-changer for me.

A far as quality; there really is no comparison to Keto Lytes HP. Nothing comes close to that in regards to what you get and price for what you get. The issue with 99% of the electrolyte products out there is that they have hardly any ingredients as well as very low amounts of what they do have. Literally nothing compares to what is in Keto Lytes HP. The average electrolyte product on the market has a total of maybe 2-3gms of total active ingredients where as Keto Lytes HP has 11 + grams of active ingredients per serving! and 30 servings per tub and at a great price! Keto Lytes HP blows away Liquid I.V., LMNT, Ultima, Hydralyte or any other popular brand. There really is no comparison to Keto Lytes HP. Nothing comes close to that in regard to what you get and price for what you get. This is a 10+ product that I highly recommend.

Better than LMNT!

I got a couple of the Stevia Electrolytes and they are so much better, and not to mention less expensive, than the LMNT brand I had been getting. I didn't taste any of the bitterness I was warned about but I'm also VERY used to stevia. I'm most certainly going to pick up a couple of other flavors. My only problem is limiting myself to only drinking a couple as they taste so good I crave it all day.