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Fantastic Protein Powder

I've tried my fair share of protein powders, and this is one of the few that doesn't have that chalky taste. I started with the sample pack to figure out what flavor I wanted in a big supply, and while it was a hard choice, the Blueberry Muffin is SOOOOOOOO good!


I like the powder I ordered, it’s a little sweeter than I would prefer, even without having sugar in it. It’s still delicious and I look forward to trying other products.

Love this product

I absolutely love the Zero Carb Natural Protein Unicorn Vanilla Milkshake, it’s my favorite and I put it on yogurt, cottage cheese, my coffee and I make shakes. Thank you for making a product that agrees with my gut

Excellent flavor

Mixes well, taste good, delivered efficiently


I was very pleased with my purchase! I bought the sample pack, and while I preferred some flavors over others, they were all pretty good!

So good!

Absolutely love the no carb protein powders! I’ve been trying to find a low carb, no bad stuff AND tastes delicious protein powder. I’ve had no luck till now!! I got the samples pack and while there’re ones I like more than others, they were al delicious!!

Unflavored Collagen Creamer

With my restrictions to Dairy I had to find an alternative creamer because I love my coffee but not black. This gives me some balance as we as provides me with the collagen and nutrients I need as a 55 year old woman.

Two thumbs up baby!

It’s simple, I love the product, and I love the customer service. Keep doing what you are doing and I’ll stick around.


Love the product. I got the sample pack and think I'm going to keep getting those. I love the variety. No chalky taste. I mix up with almond milk and couple of ice cubes. Delicious shake


*I bought the 11 pack sampler. I add to plain water (24-48oz) just to flavor it slightly & then drink throughout the day.
*I did notice that my brain tended to "wake up" when drinking it which I like. It's like feeding it w/a constant flow of amino acids (which are a lot pricier in bulk powder & same results)
*It's kind of addicting when your brain clears up & wakes up!
*I took my last sample packet today of the Nonflavored/nonsweetened one was my WINNER & I bought 3 large tubs of that. In water it's fine & I liked it the best. They all taste GREAT!

Still My Favorite

After sampling several different electrolyte brands, Ketolyte is still my favorite. Im on my fourth order and I plan to order many more.

Iced oatmeal cookie

It is pretty good. Definitely recommend using almond milk. It really adds to the flavor of the drink. Going to try the chocolate flavor next time.


I like all the different flavors.

Will buy again!

I started out with one capsule daily but am now taking three. Definitely helps curb my appetite and gives me the energy boost I need.

Never miss a day!

I’ve tried a number of protein powders. Most of them are chalky and bland. It would kind of defeat the purpose, but KetoGenics is creamy enough to use in an ice cream shake if you were so inclined. 😀 But, for me, a little almond milk or coconut milk mixed with my Low Carb KetoGenics powder is how I start my day…every day. Keeps my stomach satisfied until lunch.


The best product my wife is so happy with your product!

The best

Couldn’t be happier with this product and service I’m hooked I hope down the line we get a mint chocolate to help my cravings lol

Love Love this protein powder!

Top notch quality protein powder! Mixes great! I look forward to my proffee (protein powder, 8oz fairlife fat free milk, coffee concentrate, and a couple pumps of sugar free syrup-180 cal, 35g protein, low carb)! Mixing a protein shake and adding a sugar free root beer-hello float! Take the plunge and order!

Keto lean

Really works. Helps with craving and doesn’t make me feel jittery 😬

Sample pack

I loved being able to try all the different flavours before committing to a large tub!

Best collagen

Best collagen I’ve ever had.


Delicious, in everything! I’ve cooked it, put it in shakes, yogurt, oats… you name it. I love it every time. No funky after taste and my gut feels great.

I absolutely loved them that I don't know which flavor canister I want first.


I have ordered the hazelnut and the blueberry muffin protein shakes and loved both. Can’t wait to try the next flavor.

Zero Carb Protein

We started using the zero carb protein powder in our breakfast smoothies as part of our diet plan. It has been the Perfect fit for us!! Love this product!