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KetoShop and Ketogenics Product Reviews

View All KetoShop.com and Ketogenics Product Reviews from protein powders, keto electrolytes, multivitamins and more.
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First electrolyte purchase

First time trying these electrolytes and not only do they taste amazing but also made me feel amazing. Within 20mins of drinking substance I was able to regain my energy levels and feel stabilized.

Selection and taste are amazing

I have done the variety packs of whey and ISO protein. I have yet to find a flavor I do not like. This stuff in low calorie and full of flavor. By far my favorite protein powder!

Satisfying and convenient

I purchased a sampler pack and loved the convenience of keeping one in my bag for busy work days as a nurse when a meal wasn’t going to be possible. The flavor variety is great and filling. Peanut butter cookie is my favorite!

Mega EPA/DHA Fish Oil

Great Quality!

What is there to say about Magnesium? I've tried various brands over the years, some good, some not so good. I have come to trust the Ketogenics brand and knew when they came out with their Magnesium product it was a no brainer for me to try it. It doesn't disappoint!

Keto Lytes HP

Great flavors/great product!

Literally the best

I’ve tried a lot of powdered whey proteins, and these are top notch! Not only do they mix so incredibly well but the taste is out of this world. The fruity cereal milk is amazing.

The strawberry milkshake is delicious

I am doing a strict keto diet and miss eating fruit until I ordered and tried the
Strawberry Milkshake Keto Carb Protein and fell in love with the strawberry flavor. It is delicious! Whenever I have the urge to eat fruit, I make a strawberry milkshake and feel very satisfied. I highly recommend it.

Better Than Expected

Most of these actually taste pretty good! I will be buying my favorites again and I love that they made this sampler pack, I wish everyone did this. These also dissolve in your liquid of choice pretty easily. 4/5

Ketogenics cupcake love

Tasty and low in sodium, great way to get my evening protein and satisfy a dessert craving.

Love Blueberry

Blueberry donuts are my favorite kind of donuts and this flavor hits. I enjoy this better than the cinnamon roll flavor

So Good!

Taste is great and mixes easily! Very filling too! Will be ordering more.

Great tasting protein!

Love the taste of these low carb proteins! No GI problems with them.

Best protein powder!

I’ve tried a ton of protein powders and this is by far my favorite! I have NEVER been a fan of strawberry shakes until now! I’m obsessed with the flavor of the Strawberry Milk. The protein mixes well, no clumps or aftertaste, and it’s just delicious! The fact it has zero carbs and sugars makes this even better! Highly recommend!

Love this stuff! When I think I have to have something sweet I drink one of these and it
Cures my sweet cravings.

Great taste

I ordered the sample pack for ISO whey protein and i like all the flavors to be honestly, they taste really good at all. I was looking for ISO whey protein because I know this is more pure and better quality the only thing that I was disappointed is about the sucralose, if y’all be able to improve and get this ISO with pure stevia would be an amazing combo for sure!!! The best of the best in just 1 scoop 👍🏻

Hey Oriana thanks for the feedback :) We do infact have a stevia sweetened protein powder that also utilizes our Iso-Whey (whey protein isolate) blended with a little Micellar Casein. Very tasty and clean product. Here are the Zero Carb stevia samplers:


Great flavor and nutritional profile

For being sweetened with stevia there is no bitter taste!

I love your products!

I drink a lot of water being on keto. Your electrolytes go into every water bottle I have going daily. Add in all of the protein powders I use to supplement my diet, and I’m happy. Your quick ship is impressive too! Thank you!

Blueberry donut

Great product 😊

Highly recommend

I purchased the sample packs and have loved every flavor I've tried so far!!

Keto powder

I really enjoy this product


Great product. Tasted great. Quick shipping.


Taste EXACTLY like fruity Pebbles cereal!

Unflavored protein perfect for everything

Love the versatility of this protein powder!!

❤️ Ketolytes ❤️