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KetoShop and Ketogenics Product Reviews

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Great new flavor

Mostly have had hazelnut with yogurt aka sludge also used to make famous truffle balls

Tastes Great!

Terrific protein powder – supported by always great customer service! It’s the first time I have tried vegan protein powder and these are great! First – the flavors: every choice is a good one however I really love both the Iso Plant Chocolate Peanut Butter and the Iso Plant Pecan Shortbread. My guess is each would be amazing in cookies (check the recipes posted here on this site). And second, it is easy to add some almond milk and eat them thick, with a spoon. Wonderful dessert! I do enjoy most of the KetoGenics protein powders (thinking the new Zero Carb Hazelnut Ice Cream!) however it will be a long time before I choose anything other than these new vegan Iso Plant products!

The only thing that works for me

I am diabetic and frequently experience leg cramps. Electrolytes are the only thing that brings relief. KetoLytes is the best tasting product that I have found so far.

KetoGenics Protein Shakes- Good Stuff !

Love the Protein Shake… Lost weight…, feel good… lots of energy… I feel Alert !
Sitting at a computer all day crunching numbers… They make me feel very Alert…

Now playing 36 holes of golf on Saturday instead of just 18. Also started to Bowl
again on Friday Nights… (6 games !)

I’m 62 and feel like I’m 30 ! People are saying… John ! You look Great !

I tell all my family, friends, and Coworkers about this stuff…
Great Product… Love it ! Taste Good Too!

Thank You Sir & God Bless…
John Ford…. ( Berwick, La.)

Selection and taste are amazing

I enjoy this sample pack because it gives me a nice variety of flavors that I don't necessarily want an entire jug of, but they are nice to have everyone once in a while. I have yet to taste one I didn't like and I am a very picky person!

Fruity pebble flavor

Best protein powders out there. My days are very busy , so I use this for quick meal replacement. Fruity Pebbles is my favorite

Sooo delicious!!!

Seriously the best protein powder ever! I can’t wait for my workouts so I can have this after! I have several different flavors and this is by far my favorite protein brand ever! All flavors are soooooo goooddd!!!!!

Perfect electrolytes

I need electrolytes very much!!! These are perfect as I like the flavor so I start off my day with a scoop in hot water!

I finally love protein powder!!

This is amazing! I could very easily just drink protein shakes all day - skip food! I wasn’t sure how coffee would taste as I am used to the sweet flavors but it is perfect!!

Nice, Subtle Flavor

Tastes great without being overwhelming!

I enjoy this done as protein sludge with morning black coffee as it gives me the same feeling as drinking my morning coffee with a small cookie or pastry, except without the sugar and a nice helping of protein so way more satiating and healthy than an actual cookie!


Love this flavor ❤🌴🥥🍍
You had me at Grape Bubblegum🍇, then you out did yourself with Green Appletini 🍏 & when I didn't think you couldn't top that, BAM!! You knock it out of the park with Carribean Cooler...Thank you KetoGenics 🙂💯👍

Taste great

No carbs and taste great


I have yet to try all the flavors I’ve ordered and started here, but if the others hold up, amazing!

This reminds me of a hint of Funfetti and is great for my greek yogurt, unsweetened milkademia, and protein powder shake I make.

I won’t be able to say if it’s my favorite for awhile, but this protein powder has definitely changed my brand loyalty as it leaves all others in the dust.

Super yummy oatmeal cookie flavor! Blends effortlessly with water and ice in my ninja blender. So much better than the 310 shake at half the price! Can’t wait to try the next flavor as soon As this batch is finished.

Protein shakes

The protein shakes are so good. I would definitely buy again.

Mellow chocolate flavor

Nice mellow chocolate flavor. It’s not an intense chocolate flavor but overall yummy. I have it each morning with breakfast

great product

I had previously been buying the electrolyte powders from amazon, and while they are less expensive, I like the form of electrolytes in this mixture better.

Exceptional Product

What can I say about this product? First of all it is loaded with ingredients and possibly the most comprehensive formula I have ever seen. The Epicor alone is worth the price meanwhile this product has plenty of other immune support type ingredients. I am the type of personal that always gets some sort of seasonal sickness, be it upper respiratory infection, sore throat swollen glands or even strep throat. I am happy to report that I get through the winter and fall seasons with ZERO illness/sickness now that I take Immune Support XR. I even find it helps me with my seasonal allergies during the spring and summer.

This product just seems to be an overall amazing immune enhancing product that works for all sorts of issues. I am extremely satisfied with this product and I always buy 4-5 at a time so I can stock up for the season.


Love the chocolate with mixed berry y fruit and almond milk and plain Greek yogurt


I have tried so many protein powders over the years, but none of them can stack up to this product. I mix one scoop with 1.5 Cups of unsweetened almond milk, blend it up and have that for breakfast. The consistency is smooth and the various flavors (I have tried SEVERAL of them) are all delicious. It keeps me full for hours and there is no “sweetener” aftertaste. I highly recommend this product, and I will continue to purchase it. For anyone just wanting to try out the flavors, I also recommend the variety pack that come in individual serving packets. I haven’t found a flavor I don’t like. So glad I found this product!

Tastes great!

The smell and taste is so good! I felt like I was cheating on my good plan. I'm post weight loss surgery and i love that this helps me get my protein in and still not go over in carbs.

Very good!

I really enjoyed this flavor, I never tried a BlackBerry flavored anything so I really did not know what to expect. But this is really tasty, smooth and just delicious overall. It mixes easily with a simple shaker bottle and there's zero weird after taste. Very nice and clean ingredients. It's a very smooth and clean protein powder that I'm really happy I found.

So yummy!

What can I say? this is so tasty! I really love this flavor and the smell wow! Mixes perfectly, goes down smooth and really tastes like a treat. It is great in water or almond milk or adding to some low carb Greek yogurt. Great flavor, 5 stars!!!

Great product

Shipped and received in 36 hours!!

Creamy Deliciousness

Aroma is spot on, pure indulgence. I'm eager to use in baking too. Mixing in cream for my morning coffee.