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KetoShop and Ketogenics Product Reviews

View All KetoShop.com and Ketogenics Product Reviews from protein powders, keto electrolytes, multivitamins and more.
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Best Keto shake I've ever tried!!!

I've already ordered more so that I don't run out before this one is finished!!! I personally use 2 scoops because I'm new to bodybuilding and it definitely helps my muscle repair recovery process. Keto isn't the easiest lifestyle, but in my opinion for my personal self. Keto has given me results that I've never seen before. That's why I always gave up on my goal of having a great looking and feeling body. Keto is a game changer for me. Ketogenics is a great addition to help me reach my life aspirations!

Tastes great!

Really is a great supplement with no weird aftertaste. I use it every morning!

Good tasting

I have tried so many protein products and either don’t like the flavor or there’s too many carbs or it doesn’t do well with my digestive system. This product fits all my requirements and I’m very happy with it. It’s nice tasting as well.

Cinnamon Roll zero carb protein powder

Easy to daily enjoy.

Pumpkin Glazed Donut

Delicious fall flavor! It can blended with any milk so I’m looking forward to lots of experiments! I actually made an ice cream. I mixed it with coffee, as we are coffee lovers. It was excellent.

Protein shakes

Best tasting protein I have ever had. Found my new favorite product.

Pumpkin Lover

Pumpkin Spice and Glazed Donut are two of my favorite flavors. M Favorite pie is Pumpkin. This is a great tasting Protein drink. When I drink it it feel like Thanksgiving.

Amazing Product!

Can’t ask for anything better! It’s delicious and healthy.

Pumpkin spice that actually tastes like pumpkin SPICE!

Deliciously clean products with timely delivery and amazing communication!

Awesome sample pack

I loved being able to sample the different flavors. I have my favorite like Iced Oatmeal but what I like about this protein powder is that it mixes well and it's not overwhelming.


The taste is great and and the product is clean. Who could ask for more!

Sampler pack

Loved being able to sample so many different flavors before ordering! Can't wait to get my Blackberry protein powder!

Taste just like the cereal milk!

You know the fruity cereal that is so super good and sugary and not good for and the milk at the bottom that taste even better. Yep this protein taste just like that! Except I know it’s way better for me and healthy. So glad I bought this flavor. A must buy if you haven’t had it yet.

Great product love the taste!!

Really enjoy this low carb whey protein. Best low carb one I’ve had. Ordered this a couple times already and will continue to buy it.

Good protein powder

Sh*t taste good 👌

The Lord's work..haha

What kind of secret magical Krabby patty formula have you put in this powder?
I ABDOLUTELY LOVE IT ...and no carbs????
It's a gift from the gods.
THANK YOU. I'm going to dropping a whole lot of cheddar down for the rest of your flavors. Thank you, in advance, for the easy weight loss about to happen. Its EXACTLY what I hoped for.
$43?? Nope. Priceless.

Keto Low Carb Protein Powder Sample Packs

Pumpkin Spice Donut

Love this product!! Mixes very well with almond milk!!

awesome product

great taste and texture. all are amazing

Protein powder

Fantastic taste, mixes well with almond milk.

Keto Low Carb Protein Powder Sample Packs

Best Taste

Loved the Pumpkin Spice flavor, and I felt full for hours and did not have cravings later in the day. I’m definitely going to try other flavors. No more 3pm snacking for me!

Best tasting zero carb shake

It has the best flavor of any zero carb protein shake I have ever tasted

Super good

Good tasting protien powder is really important to me. I wanted to be in the spirit of fall but I won't lie I was scared this would be a flop. This powder taste REALLY good. It doesn't have a super strong pumpkin taste but it's sweet and has just enough flavor where I can chug this stuff. I look forward to working out so I can drink this protien powder 😂

"Oh" so Tasty!

These shakes are awesome. I was skeptical about them, but so glad I purchased them. Love the flavors. Pumkin Spice "ahhhh". You won't be disappointed with the product's as well as the company. Fast shipping, excellent customer service for sure. Don't think twice on their product's.
Satisfied customer from Idaho. 😁