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Taste is amazing

My favorite and only protein powder from now on! I recently purchased the Zero carb Cinnamon Roll flavor and it tastes so good. It doesn't taste chalky like many protein powders that I have used in the past and the best part is I don't feel bloated after and I love that it is gluten and dairy free since I am intolerant to both. What makes it better is that it's no carbs, I simply mix with almond milk and love it, especially since I am always on the go!

Sample protein powders

Loved the taste of them. Loved that the are zero carbs.


Tastes great-easy to digest

Simple and delicious for keto!

In an effort to boost my protein intake I have been on the hunt for a protein powder that did not contain soy and was lower in carbs. I found my protein powder soulmate in the KetoGenics Zero Carb Protein whey isolate/micellar casein blend protein powder. With a large variety of flavors to choose from, the former cereal junkie in me quickly gravitated to the Fruity Cereal flavor. I was NOT disappointed! Rather than mix as a shake, I combine 1 scoop with 3/4 cup whole milk plain Greek yogurt for a whopping 41 grams of protein! Delicious meets nutritious! Looking forward to the zero carb sampler pack I recently ordered to see if any other flavor can top Fruity Cereal. KetoGenics products are all reasonably priced and an invaluable addition to your healthy diet.


Taste great speedy delivery!

Zero Carb Protein

Love the proteins. I got the sampler pack. The fruits weren’t my favorite, but I found some real winners. I will definitely be ordering Hazelnut and Vanilla.

Excellent appetite suppression

Betadrine is the best appetite suppression supplement I’ve ever taken. No jitters or upset stomach. I highly recommend it!

Best there is ...no lie !!

My one stop shopping for all my protein collagen and supplement needs !! The best flavours the best quality and superb customer service !!! 100 * I will be a devoted customer from now on thank you PW

Zero carb protein powder samples

I really like the protein powder flavors and that they are quite clean!

Taste Great!

I was pleasantly surprised how the product is easy to mix and has a wonderful taste! I have mixed it in my yogurt and made shakes with it and have enjoyed it!

Oatmeal and Blueberry Donut

Love these flavors! Stock up because they are often out of stock!

Cinnamon roll protein

I tried the suggestion to mix it with two good yogurt vanilla and almond milk. Did not like it at all. Now I mix it with 2 oz of cream and 8 oz of almond milk, using only half a scoop of the protein powder. I really like this combination better. I also will mix 2 tablespoons of chocolate protein collagen peptides. It's like eating a cinnamon roll and drinking chocolate milk. Pleased with my purchase.

Peach Cobbler is yummy!

I've been using another carb-free protein for a while that was unflavored and I wanted a change, so I'm so glad I found this! I used the Peach Cobbler in vanilla greek yogurt with some blueberries and it is YUMMY!

My go-to protein powder

I love the zero carb protein powder. They have great flavor and it's a great way to add protein with low calories and no sugar or carbs.

This product works

My expectations have been met and I’m leaning out without being overstimulated.

Zero carb protein powder

I ordered the variety pack to test out different flavors. Even flavors I did not think I would like were very good. No chalky taste. Tasted like a milk shake. I am waiting to try the grass-fed whey protein samples

Keto Lean™ Advanced Weight Loss Support Supplement

Great product

Feel more energized and calm when I use it.

Best tasting protein powder!

I've tried so many brands, and I keep coming back to Ketoshop. The flavors are delicious, and I feel like I'm eating a treat - not something as healthy as this! Just wish PB Cookie would get back in stock!

Great for protein pancakes

great protein powder. Oatmeal cookie, cinnamon roll, and maple french toast mix great for protein pancakes.

Love all the flavors!

Taste great and mixes easy with a frother!


Blends nicely and the flavors I have ordered are very good.

Protein Coffee

The Unflavored Zero Carb Protein in my coffee in the morning has been a game changer for my early morning workouts. My new favorite!

Great sample pack

I purchased the Keto friendly protien sample pack. I never knew there were so many different flavors. I'm very picky with the taste of my protien and frankly, I haven't had a bad tasting pack yet. Now I just need to narrow down which flavor I want to buy in bulk. PS, fas shipping too.. My new go to for protien purchases.