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Fruity Cereal Whey Protein Isolate

Fruity Cereal Whey Protein Powder

Well what can we say? Who doesn't love this flavor. The Fruity Cereal flavor will bring you back to your childhood and those epic Saturday morning cartoons. Well now it can taste like Saturday morning 7 days a week! 

If you love fruity cereal you will love this Ketogenics fruity cereal whey protein flavor. It truly tastes like a the fruity milk left over at the bottom of the bowl of cereal!

Upon opening the tub you're immediately hit in the face with that familiar Fruity Cereal scent; behold the sublime palette of odoriferous emanations that will tingle your senses!

Grab a scoop (or 3), make a shake, upon the first sip it will take right back to Saturday mornings watching cartoons with a bowl of sugary cereal. It has the exact taste of that "Fruity Cereal" we all love, but better! Reminisce all the fun times with this tasty cereal whey protein without having to worry about all those carbs, sugar, gluten and fake ingredients!

Use as a tasty meal replacement to boost your protein intake, add to your coffee or low carb yogurt or even make delicious fruity donuts, muffins or pancake recipes.

Ketogenics brand ISO WHEY - Whey Protein Isolate is the purest form of whey protein available.  ISO WHEY is derived from sweet dairy whey using cold microfiltration and ultrafiltration membrane technology to produce undenatured whey protein isolate. Unlike the inferior high temperature ion-exchange filtration process that other brands use, our advanced low-temperature ultra-filtration process produces a superior bio-active whey that is non-denatured and includes essential amino acids (EAAs) and branched chain amino acids (BCAAs).

ISO WHEY features:

  • 100% Whey Protein (cold and micro filtered) 
  • 25gm Protein Per Scoop
  • 110 Calories Per Scoop
  • Zero Soy
  • Keto Friendly
  • Zero Added Sugar, Pebbles, Flakes Cereal or any other "carby" ingredients. 
  • Zero added coloring
  • Non GMO | No Gluten | No Lactose | No Aspartame
  • Delicious Nostalgic Fruity Cereal taste!
  • Easy Mix-ability
  • Perfect for Post Workout, Snack and Pre-Bedtime Shake

This amazing tasting protein and light texture will really impress you. Mix with cold water, almond milk or low carb milk, shake and enjoy that amazing fruity cereal taste. 

In addition to our super tasty and popular whey proteins we also have a zero carb protein line with 6 Flavors to choose from: Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate Milkshake , Unicorn Vanilla Milkshake, Strawberry Milk, Blueberry Donut and Pumpkin Spice flavorunflavored whey protein as well as Vegan Plant Based Protein options. Fruity Pebbles, Dymatize Iso-100 Fruity Pebbles, Iso-100, Cocoa Pebbles

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Brittany F.

I got the one that is supposed to taste like fruity pebbles and let me tell you it sure does! It's delicious

Amy R.
KetoGenics Products

I have tried several protein powders and electrolyte powder and everything is awesome! I can't wait to buy more products in the future!

Jennifer D.
Love it

The fruity cereal flavor is amazing, tastes just like the cereal

Toni L.
Taste just like fruity pebbles

Love this flavor taste like one of my favorite cereals, but without all the sugar. Mixed it with toasted coconut milk and berries and kale. Yummy

Robert W.
Fruity pebble flavor

Best protein powders out there. My days are very busy , so I use this for quick meal replacement. Fruity Pebbles is my favorite