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November 10, 2021 2 min read

The following information explains the different types of protein powders we offer.

There are 3 types of proteins we carry a different flavor/taste profile as well as texture (mouth feel)

1) Zero Carb (Whey protein/Micellar Casein blend)

2) Iso-Whey (Whey Protein Isolate)

3) Iso Plant (Vegan/Plant-Based) – non-dairy, great taste & texture that's different than dairy-based proteins like whey and casein.

4) Grass Fed Collagen & Collagen Creamer - both products coming end of November or early December 2021.

Iso-Whey - 100% whey protein isolate. Yummy top selling flavors and a much stronger taste profile than the Zero Carb line. (10-12 oz of COLD water or low carb milk, almond milk or similar milk replacement works very well)

Zero Carb Protein Blend -  Whey Protein Isolate/Micellar Casein blend and sweetened with Stevia. With zero carb/zero fat the *taste is very light and subtle and mild*....popular flavors all with great feedback. When we use stevia AND zero carb AND zero fat AND all-natural flavors the taste is very subtle, and stevia can be bitter (but not always) so adequate liquid is needed. (10-12oz as mentioned above)

Iso Plant - is all natural, dairy-free, stevia sweetened plant-based protein. This can be used by anyone, but these are popular for those who need to avoid milk-based proteins or have dairy issues/sensitivities as well as want to follow a vegan and plant-based diet. BUT many of our non-vegan customers use these, and they use the Zero carb and the Iso-whey; so it’s a personal preference. (12oz cold milk type liquid works well here)

Plant-based proteins are very unique in taste and texture, much different than the typical whey/dairy-based proteins The texture is what makes it stand apart (silky, sort of grainy-texture not watery like dairy proteins) but we did come up with a much thinner and less grainy/Earthy taste and texture that most vegan proteins have. Its very tasty! Keep this in mind if using our Iso Plant protein.

[Mixing recommendations for all our proteins]

We recommend 10 to 12oz+ of very cold water or almond milk or a similar milk type replacement; you will notice a much-improved taste if you use low carb milk or milk replacement product over just water.

For a really yummy treat you could add some protein to low carb Greek yogurt and eat it with a spoon. Many of our customers use FAGE brand unflavored or Two Good brand of yogurt. It is very tasty that way and more fun than just drinking a shake. Other ideas would be to add chia/flax seed/hemp etc to add a bit of fat and fiber to the protein-yogurt mix and make it more of a meal.

You can also bake and make some amazing tasty low carb/low calorie recipes.  If you visit our site, the top menu, click the “Blog & Recipes”. This is the direct url: www.Ketoshop.com/blogs/news