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MPA Supps ISO POOFS™ Keto Diet Snacks | KetoGenics

SOLD out until late August or mid Sept.

Due to the supply chain disruption allover the world the raw materials are taking a very long time to acquire.  In the meantime a yummy alternative to IsoPooFs are the Puffs product here:

Iso Poofs™ is the perfect low carb and keto friendly snack or cereal for anyone who enjoys satisfying a sweet craving without sabotaging their dieting efforts. In fact, you can conveniently incorporate MPA Iso Poofs™ into your nutrition plan as it would be a sufficient animal protein or whey protein shake replacement.

MPA Iso Poofs™ was created to be as low in dietary fat and carbohydrates as possible. We wanted to create something that would be interchangeable with your standard whey protein shakes that people use in diet plans regularly.

Finally you can truly enjoy and consume something sweet, delicious, yet nutritious every day on your strict diet plan without sabotaging your progress. Don’t be fooled by other supposed “diet friendly” food/snack products, such as chips, popcorn, bars, etc... Read their nutrition facts and while one might be “low in carbs” -- it will be higher in dietary fat, and contain more oils than you should feel comfortable dieting with.

While Iso Poofs can be eaten as a standalone by itself, there are some fun and creative ways you can use your Iso Poofs as well. Below are some incredible ways for you to boost your protein intake through the use of MPA Iso Poofs.

  • Use Iso Poofs in your salad as croutons
  • Add Iso Poofs to your Greek yogurt
  • Combine Iso Poofs in with your pudding
  • Top your cottage cheese with Iso Poofs
  • Toss some Iso Poofs in your oatmeal
  • Pour some milk (or milk substitute) over Iso Poofs as a cereal
  • Dump some in a bowl as a popcorn replacement
  • Place some on your favorite ice cream as a crunchy topping
  • Make your own trail mix and combine healthy nuts with Iso Poofs


  • Less than 1 gram of sugar per serving
  • Less than 1 gram of fat per serving
  • 19 grams of protein per serving
  • As low as 1 gram of net carbs per serving!

Let’s face it, strict dieting to get into amazing shape takes strong discipline, rigid dieting practices, and the mental toughness to endure oftentimes a bland and monotonous nutrition protocol. MPA Iso Poofs™ allows you to keep to your high protein, low fat, and low carbohydrate program perfectly while enjoying something that satisfies your “sweet tooth” or sugar-filled craving!

MPA Iso Poofs™ can be enjoyed as a delicious cereal, accompanied with your choice of fat-free milk, or your preferred milk replacement i.e., (Almond, coconut, cashew milk etc...). You could also use pasteurized liquid egg whites as a “milk substitute” as well.

MPA Iso Poofs™ can also be enjoyed simply as a snack, eaten dry like you would a bowl of popcorn or any “finger food” snack.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
So yummy

This is the yummiest cereal. Perfect bedtime snack. LOVE!

Lynne F.
Love them!

Perfect for when you're missing a bowl of cereal or want to add to your yogurt.

Heather B.
Super Tasty

These are great in a pinch for a quick high protein cereal and a great addition to sludge.

Mary P.
Wonderful snack for the evening too!

Iso poofs are low calorie, high protein and delicious snack food to eat any time of day!

Anna S.
Sweet Crunchy Goodness

I love these poofs! This is my first time ordering them in the new packaging and it's awesome! So many times the resealable bags don't actually work...this one does! I eat these on top of yogurt, salad (croutons) and I use a breading (nuggets). You definitely need to get you a bag or two 🥰