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How to relieve constipation on a Ketogenic Diet

Constipation on a Ketogenic Diet ketogenic diet constipation low carb diet constipation

A ketogenic diet which comprises of mainly protein and fat tends to be low in vegetables and little to no fruit. Because of this, many low carb and keto dieters find themselves constipated more often than not. Below are some tips and useful items to include on a ketogenic diet to keep the pipes moving so to say :) Flax meal -  one of the best fiber sources also has healthy Omega 3 fatty acids.   Optimum Nutrition - Fitness Fiber (white powder NO taste very simple and can add to anything) - Fiber Blend (Polydextrose, Digestion Resistant Maltodextrin, Inulin, Partially Hydrolyzed...

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PSMF - Protein Sparing Modified Fast | Lyle McDonald Rapid Fat Loss

PSMF - Protein Sparing Modified Fast  PSMF stands for Protein Sparing Modified Fast. A PSMF is a temporary diet to kick-start rapid weight loss in people who are already severely obese or for people that are very lean, in-shape and need to lose those last few pounds be it stubborn body fat or just the last few pounds when trying to reach their goal weight. A PSMF is often used the last few weeks before a photo shoot, vacation (hitting the beach), fitness shows, etc or to break a stall. A PSMF should NOT be considered a long term solution...

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Ketogenic Diet Keto Flu

What is the Keto Flu? In the beginning of a Ketogenic Diet some people may experience something that is known as keto flu where they may feel somewhat lightheaded, nauseous, fatigue and maybe even headaches. These flu-type symptoms usually only happen in the beginning stages of the diet while the body is switching over from burning glucose to ketones it can also be symptoms of withdrawal from carbohydrates. It can take the body sometime to adapt to this process and for the keto flu to subsided. Lack of electrolytes (sodium, magnesium and potassium) seems to be the major cause of the...

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Krill Oil effect on Inflammation and Arthritis

OBJECTIVES:a) To evaluate the effect of Neptune Krill Oil (NKO) on C-reactive protein (CRP) on patients with chronic inflammation and b) to evaluate the effectiveness of NKO on arthritic symptoms.METHODS:Randomized, double blind, placebo controlled study. Ninety patients were recruited with confirmed diagnosis of cardiovascular disease and/or rheumatoid arthritis and/or osteoarthritis and with increased levels of CRP (>1.0 mg/dl) upon three consecutive weekly blood analysis. Group A received NKO (300 mg daily) and Group B received a placebo. CRP and Western Ontario and McMaster Universities (WOMAC) osteoarthritis score were measured at baseline and days 7, 14 and 30.RESULTS:After 7 days of...

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Ketogenic Diet and Inflammation

According to the Journal of Child Neurology many types of pain and painful or progressive conditions involve chronic inflammation. Several mechanistic threads support the hypothesis that a ketogenic diet will reduce inflammation. Compared to glucose metabolism, ketone metabolism produces fewer reactive oxygen species - which are known to contribute to inflammation. A ketolytic metabolism produces fewer free radicals and reactive oxygen species through affecting the mitochondrial co-enzyme Q couple and the cytoplasmic glutathione couple.27 Exogenously applied ketones reduce reactive oxygen species in vitro28-32 and in vivo.33 Therefore the ketone-based metabolism of a ketogenic diet should guard against inflammation. Data suggesting positive effects...

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